Battle Group 2 Released!

Battle Group 2 is now available on Steam:
Battle Group 2 on Steam

Check out the trailer below:


Battle Group Released!

Battle Group has been released on four platforms.

Check out the trailer

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Also check out the Battle Group website


Announcing Battle Group for Mobile and PC

Bane Games is proud to announce ‘Battle Group’ for mobile and PC. We are also excited to announce that Battle Group has been nominated for ‘Best Audio’ in the 2011 Freeplay Independent Games Festival Awards.

Scheduled for release in Q4 2011, Battle Group is the third and most ambitious title produced by Bane Games, a small but experienced team of independent developers based in Brisbane Australia. Played from a top down perspective, Battle Group features a new take on action oriented naval warfare. Players command a fleet of real world, modern day fighting ships; directing advanced weapons systems such as anti-air missiles, large naval guns and jump jet interceptors. Quick reactions and tactical decision making will be required to defeat an assortment of land, sea and air based opponents. The developing story revolves around an international effort to combat a global conglomeration of powerful pirates whose sinister goals are revealed throughout the 25+ mission campaign. The game is being developed for touch screen phones, PC and Mac via digital distribution, adapting to the advantages offered by each systems input methods.

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Scoop Groups Released!

We’ve released our second game to the Australian Apple App Store and it’s FREE! Grab it now, it’s great fun and very addictive.


What’s Next?

Now that Flick Buddies has been released and is selling around the world I thought I’d let everyone know what we are working on next and our plans for the coming months.  After the big push to get Flick Buddies out before Apple shut down over the holiday, we’ve all taken a few weeks holiday.  The holiday is almost up and we’re excited about our plans for the new year.

  • Flick Buddies v1.1 – We’ve started work on the first update to Flick Buddies which is going to include a brand new game mode, a new family and background and a bunch of new levels.  It will also include Open Feint support and I’ll likely add Game Center support at the same time.  We’ve received great feedback on Flick Buddies and we plan on continuing to release updates into 2011.
  • Next Game – I’ve begun prototyping (both in paper and electronic form) the next game we’ll be working on.  We’re planning to make a small group of prototypes and get feedback on which we should pursue.  If you’d like to be involved in this feedback group please send me an email.
  • GDC – I’ll be heading to GDC again in 2011 and I’ll be spending a day at Game Connection, meeting with publishers and other people to discuss our options for Bane Games in the future.

Flick Buddies Released!

Flick Buddies has just been released around the world for iPad and iPhone.  You can grab it from the App Store below:

Flick Buddies:

Flick Buddies HD:

Also, check out our launch trailer:


Flick Buddies: Multiplayer action for iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch

Bane Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Flick Buddies; an exciting physics based action title featuring finger-flicking fun for one to four players. Flick Buddies will be available for download on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Are you ready for an action packed game of…er…action?! Flick your crew of crazy characters past obstacles and into the goal to achieve the highest score. Use amazing abilities to outmanoeuvre and outwit your opponents. Select from four crazy themes of characters and game field styles, with twelve unique levels to unlock and compete on. Amazingly, this fun filled mayhem all takes place on a single device! Simple flicking gameplay and short duration matches allows friends to easily settle bets or to finally prove who is the all time, greatest person in the world!

Flick Buddies and Flick Buddies HD will arrive on the Apple App Store on the 15th December 2010. Free updates include new levels, teams and other additional content.


It’s Done

Our first game is complete!  We’ve just submitted the iPhone and iPad versions to Apple and we’re awaiting review.  We will be announcing the game officially in the next few days and will start to give details on the gameplay and characters we’ve created for the game.  All I can say for now is it’s a 1-4 player game on a single iPhone or iPad.

In the coming weeks I’ll be writing up a review of Unity, a postmortem of the development process and generally discussing how we managed to get a game out quickly.


Final Stages

We’re in the final couple of days of development of our new game before submitting to Apple.  We’ll be making an official announcement in the next week with gameplay footage and more.  We’ve just hit the 14 week mark on development which has included skilling up on Unity, iOS (iPhone and iPad) development.

We’re all really excited about the game and we already have a lot of fun playing it so we look forward to seeing how everyone enjoy’s the game and receiving feedback on how we can improve the game in the future.

While the marketing machine kick’s into overdrive I’m going to begin prototyping some of the options we have for our second game in the series.  Everyone at Bane Games is constantly coming up with new game ideas and we always love to play test the best ideas before deciding which one to work on next.  We’re planning to get the development cycle down to three months per game so we can be constantly putting out new titles and keeping everyone happy.

Have any game ideas you’d love to see on iOS?  Leave a comment with your suggestions and we might even add it to our prototyping list!


Unity3D Announcements


We are using Unity3D to develop our current iPhone and iPad game.  We love Unity3D and are big fans of its powerful editor and amazing cross platform support.  Unite 10, the annual Unity conference is currently being held and during the keynote a few major announcements occurred:

Union – a service for developers who want to get their titles on new or closed platforms to earn additional revenue

Asset Store – A repository for buying and selling all types of assets for use in Unity games

Unity 3.1 – The new version of Unity with lot of great new features

We plan to release tutorials on developing games for Unity in the future.  If you have any requests please add a comment and we’ll add it to our list.