Final Stages

November 28, 2010

We’re in the final couple of days of development of our new game before submitting to Apple.  We’ll be making an official announcement in the next week with gameplay footage and more.  We’ve just hit the 14 week mark on development which has included skilling up on Unity, iOS (iPhone and iPad) development.

We’re all really excited about the game and we already have a lot of fun playing it so we look forward to seeing how everyone enjoy’s the game and receiving feedback on how we can improve the game in the future.

While the marketing machine kick’s into overdrive I’m going to begin prototyping some of the options we have for our second game in the series.  Everyone at Bane Games is constantly coming up with new game ideas and we always love to play test the best ideas before deciding which one to work on next.  We’re planning to get the development cycle down to three months per game so we can be constantly putting out new titles and keeping everyone happy.

Have any game ideas you’d love to see on iOS?  Leave a comment with your suggestions and we might even add it to our prototyping list!

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