What’s Next?

December 31, 2010

Now that Flick Buddies has been released and is selling around the world I thought I’d let everyone know what we are working on next and our plans for the coming months.  After the big push to get Flick Buddies out before Apple shut down over the holiday, we’ve all taken a few weeks holiday.  The holiday is almost up and we’re excited about our plans for the new year.

  • Flick Buddies v1.1 – We’ve started work on the first update to Flick Buddies which is going to include a brand new game mode, a new family and background and a bunch of new levels.  It will also include Open Feint support and I’ll likely add Game Center support at the same time.  We’ve received great feedback on Flick Buddies and we plan on continuing to release updates into 2011.
  • Next Game – I’ve begun prototyping (both in paper and electronic form) the next game we’ll be working on.  We’re planning to make a small group of prototypes and get feedback on which we should pursue.  If you’d like to be involved in this feedback group please send me an email.
  • GDC – I’ll be heading to GDC again in 2011 and I’ll be spending a day at Game Connection, meeting with publishers and other people to discuss our options for Bane Games in the future.

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